Faux Arts Classes

Instructor: Joe Sala

Mr. Sala professionally employed as a Scenic Artist in Theatre and Film since 1970. He has been involved in projects ranging from the American Conservatory theatre in San Francisco to the X-files in Vancouver.  Mr. Sala has been very busy in the Faux arts for the movie industry in Vancouver. He has been creating, executing and teaching Faux Finishes for movies and TV shows such as Clan of the Cave Bear, A Distant Thunder, The X-files, the L Word, Smallville, Stargate Universe etc. Along the way Mr. Sala has consistently maintained an independent artistic practice , the core of which is figurative portraiture.

Class description: ADVANCED FAUX ARTS
Advanced techniques in marble and wood with particular emphasis on realism will be taught. Techniques in proper preparation and clear coating will also be taught and executed by students. This class will give an excellent foundation based on examination for colour and pattern, layering for depth and structure. Class sizes will be very small fostering a more personal experience and excellent student-instructor communications.

Six three hour hands-on sessions over six weeks. All materials included.